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Why choose us as your legal advisor?

ME Law practice focuses on litigation of Civil Disputes, and in particular in the areas of Real Estate Litigation, Estate Litigation, Shareholder & Partnership Disputes Litigation. Our goal is not just to deliver exceptional results but to exceed your expectations in obtaining legal advice that will set up a benchmark. Our company is not interested in just being your lawyers but we are investing into being your partners for life.

Our lawyer won cases

May Elajami Secures Vital Easement in High-Stakes Property Case

In a significant legal victory led by our esteemed attorney May Elajami, the Superior Court of Justice ruled in favor of our client, granting a crucial easement over a neighboring property. This landmark case, heard on April 28, 2023, revolved around the access rights to a back parking lot via a driveway that traversed the respondent's land. Despite challenges, May Elajami's expert legal strategies and compelling arguments secured the easement, ensuring uninterrupted access for both foot and vehicular traffic to our client's property. The court's decision not only affirmed the prescriptive easement under the Real Property Limitations Act but also mandated the amendment of property records to reflect this right. This victory underscores our firm's commitment to advocating for our clients' interests and our capability to navigate complex legal landscapes successfully.

May Elajami Secures Court Win in Defamation Case

In a compelling demonstration of legal expertise, our defense attorney, May Elajami, achieved a significant victory in a complex case involving allegations of defamation and conspiracy. The court, recognizing the merits of our arguments, granted our motion to strike the plaintiffs' statement of claim due to its inadequacies, while permitting them the opportunity to amend it. This strategic win underlines the importance of precise and well-founded legal pleadings. Additionally, the court's decision to award costs in favor of our client, amounting to $9,000, underscores the financial implications of litigation and highlights May Elajami's adeptness in navigating the legal system to protect our client's interests. This case serves as a testament to our firm's commitment to providing exceptional legal representation and ensuring our clients' rights are vigorously defended.

Mayssia Elajami's Triumph in Complex Property Dispute Case

Mayssia Elajami, alongside our defense team, successfully represented the respondent in a complex property dispute case before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The case, heard over several days, revolved around the claimants' attempt to gain title to a residential property, arguing various trust-based legal theories. Despite the claimants' assertions regarding financial contributions to the purchase and maintenance of the property, their lack of documentary evidence led to the dismissal of their claims. This outcome not only highlights the necessity of clear, documented intentions in property transactions but also showcases our firm's capability to navigate through complex legal and factual landscapes. Mayssia Elajami's adept legal strategies and dedication were crucial in upholding our client's rights, demonstrating our firm's commitment to achieving justice for our clients through meticulous legal representation.


Our experience with May exceeded our expectations of a lawyer!It was unbelievable!!

She’s truly compassionate and passionate about her clients. We trust her with our life!!!May THANK YOU for being You! We are so grateful!You are our lawyer for life!!!!!

We are so lucky to know and work with May, ME Law Professional. She is so nice, professional and got everything done so fast and amazing even though our case was difficult.

I had the pleasure of working with May on a very difficult matter. She made me feel heard and understood. I can't thank you enough May and your team for your help and understanding.

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