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ME LAW practice focuses on litigation of Civil Disputes, and in particular in the areas of Real Estate Litigation, Estate Litigation, Shareholder & Partnership Disputes Litigation. Our goal is not just to deliver exceptional results but to exceed your expectations in obtaining legal advice that will set up a benchmark. Our company is not interested in just being your lawyers but we are investing into being your partners for life.

Areas Of Professional Practice

Civil Litigation:

  • Contract Breaches, Non-Performance and/or Specific Performance, & Enforcement
  • Unjust enrichment, Misrepresentation, Breach of trust & Fiduciary duty
  • Default Judgements and Motions to set aside Default Judgements
  • Injunctions, Motions, Trial & Arbitration Counsel
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Corporate & Commercial Litigation:

  • Commercial List
  • Interlocutory (Temporary & Permanent) Injunctions
  • Corporate Restructuring, Insolvency & Receivership
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Governance
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Real Estate Litigation:

  • Failure to Close (Purchase or Sale), incl. Deposit Forfeitures
  • Property Ownership disputes (incl. Partitions)
  • Title issues, Latent deficiencies, Boundary disputes, & Easements
  • Constructive & Resulting and Other Trusts, Certificate of Pending Litigation
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Estate Litigation:

  • Will Challenges, Trusts Variations & Passing of Accounts
  • Estate Trustee & Administrator Removals
  • Claims involving Minors and Capacity Assessment, Dependants & Other Beneficiaries
  • Claims for Constructive and Resulting Trusts
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Shareholder Disputes:

  • Oppression Remedy & Derivative Actions
  • Director’s Liability, Breach of Fiduciary Duty & Corporate Governance
  • Unauthorized transfer of property, Issues with Dividends, Asset Stripping and Dissipation, Civil Fraud
  • Injunctions (incl. Mareva, Norwich, Anton Piller Orders)
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Constructions Liens:

  • Default proceedings, Settlement meetings, Setting Liens for Trials
  • Adjudication, Lien preservation, Arbitration
  • Registering and Perfecting Construction Liens
  • Early release of Holdback
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Our experience with May exceeded our expectations of a lawyer!It was unbelievable!!

She’s truly compassionate and passionate about her clients. We trust her with our life!!!May THANK YOU for being You! We are so grateful!You are our lawyer for life!!!!!

We are so lucky to know and work with May, ME Law Professional. She is so nice, professional and got everything done so fast and amazing even though our case was difficult.

I had the pleasure of working with May on a very difficult matter. She made me feel heard and understood. I can't thank you enough May and your team for your help and understanding.


Contact Us for a Lawyer Consultation

During the Lawyer Consultation, you can provide us with a brief overview of the issues you are facing, and we will discuss the next steps on how we can proceed.

Retain us for Legal Representation

We require a signed Retainer Agreement to authorize us to work on your matter, clarifying and confirming all the terms of our engagement between the parties.

Personalised Strategy

Whether pre-litigation steps are available in your circumstances or we need to move directly into litigation, we will advise you of all the options on the table. This way, you can choose the most optimal avenue for your circumstances.

Results and Co-ordination

We've got your back, so don't worry. We will contact you when we need your input because we want you to focus on your life. Let us work on getting results for you.


Our Approach

It all starts with you! Period. Your goals and objectives are of the utmost importance to us and we will guide you and be your shield and sword in all situations.

Our Process

Our work is a relationship and based on continued dialogue. Communication is at the core of the process.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated individuals working together to deliver a unique customer experience

Our Results

In the end, it is a partnership with you on your journey and a path towards peace of mind that we offer

Predictable Fees

We are always transparent about our fees and have an idea about potential costs. We always provide estimates upfront and proceed only after your instructions to do so.

Customer Service

Much of what we do starts with listening, being there for you in times of need and being proactive.


What Are Your Fees?

Our Fees depend on your specific situation. We provide an initial consultation to evaluate your case. We will then determine the complexity, the amount of work that needs to be done and the other factors that might influence your particular situation. Upon that, we discuss payment options such as an hourly rate fee, block fee or whether payment plans would be available to you in your situation.

What is the process and are the next steps to get to know more about you and how you can resolve my matter?

After our initial consultation over the phone, we schedule an appointment at our office where we discuss in detail your legal issue. We try to contact you promptly and immediately, if necessary, in order to keep you engaged throughout the whole process.

When/Where can you see me?

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of dowtown Toronto, right across from Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The closest subway stations are either St.George or Bay/Yonge/Bloor or Museum stations. There is a municipal parking at the back of the building. After our initial consultation over the phone, we will make an appointment and discuss all your matters confidentialy at our office.

When can you start the work?

While we are happy to assist with your matter, we cannot begin working until we have been fully retained on your matter. This includes both your signing of our retainer letter, confirming that you are hiring us as your lawyer and outlining the terms of our relationship, and payment of our retainer fees which we will need to begin work. We will not be your lawyers and will not be able to assist you until both of those steps have been completed.

What should I expect?

Book an initial consultation and we can start handling your case. Your situation is not unique, most likely there were similar cases before, and this is where we can, as professionals with prior experience, step in to advise you on the best course of action to take and/or solution to your problem. Remember you have rights too and not just obligations, so no need to panic. Contact a professional to deal with your case in those stressful times.

Do you do limited scope retainers?

Yes, we would be glad to assist with a limited scope retainer.

Professionalism, Competence and Meticulous Execution

Our dedicated team will craft personalized strategy, leveraging expertise to address your unique needs, whether it involves document preparation or courtroom representation. Trust in our commitment to secure favorable outcomes, backed by transparent communication and steadfast advocacy to safeguard your rights and interests at every stage of the legal process.


Civil Litigation

  • What’s the difference between a litigator and a lawyer?
  • What are the rules of civil procedure?
  • Is it better to be self-represented or hire a litigation lawyer for a dispute?
  • How to choose a civil litigation lawyer?
  • What factors to consider for a client to win the case when working with a litigation lawyer?

Corporate and Commercial litigation

  • The Basics of Shareholder Disputes
  • Joint venture agreements can be complicated
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes: Working with Shareholder Disputes
  • What are the retainer and retainer agreement?
  • What are disbursements?

Real Estate Litigation

  • Partition Act - Jointly Owned Property Disputes - Real Estate Litigation.
  • Why you need a real estate litigation lawyer
  • What you need to know about partition proceeding
  • Ontarians need to know the laws of joint
  • The consequence of falling to closure

Estate Litigation

  • Understanding the Consequences of Contesting a Will in Ontario?
  • How important is the Statement of Defence in responding to estate disputes?
  • Can you explain the trial process in estate litigation?
  • What is the purpose of Examination for Discovery in estate cases?
  • How do the Statement of Claim, Defence, Trial, and Examination for Discovery contribute to a successful outcome in my estate matter?

Share holder Disputes

  • Navigating Shareholder Disputes: A Comprehensive Guide for Business Owners
  • Legal Remedies for Shareholder Disputes: Understanding Your Options
  • The Role of Shareholder Agreements in Preventing and Resolving Disputes
  • Succession Planning: Minimizing Shareholder Disputes in Family-Owned Businesses disputes

Construction Litigation

  • Mitigating Risk: Legal Strategies for Contractors in Construction Projects
  • Unraveling the Complexities of Mechanic's Liens in Construction Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Construction Contracts: A Comprehensive Overview
  • The Role of Expert Witnesses in Construction Litigation Cases


Whether you are facing a serious legal dispute, your rights have been violated, or you’ve just been hit with a legal claim, it is time to reach out to ME Law. Here, at ME Law, we act as an independent, unbiased third party who can view your situation through a legal framework, explain any legal risks you may be facing, and then guide you on the best path towards resolution or handle your legal matter for you from start to finish.

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