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Are you currently navigating a challenging real estate ownership dispute that's causing stress and consuming your time? Are you tired of dealing with the other co-owner(s) who has been nothing but oppressive towards you and, ultimately, holding you hostage in your own investment or this business venture? Or, have you ever thought about selling your share in this real estate market so you can finally take profit of your investment before the market changes - but the other co-owner(s) is refusing to buy you out?

Whether you are facing a serious legal issue, your rights have been infringed, or you’ve just been hit with a legal claim against you, it’s time to call ME Law. Pause, breathe deeply, and connect with a seasoned professional. They'll guide you through optimal solutions and take care of the matter, providing you with peace of mind to focus on your daily life. Here, at ME Law, we act as an independent, unbiased third-party who can see your situation through a legal framework, explain to you any of the legal risks you may be facing, and then guide you on the best path towards the resolution – or even handle your legal matter for you from start to finish.

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Disputes arising as a result of termination of Purchase and Sales Agreements.

We know that when it comes to selling and purchasing real estate that time is of the essence. The purchase of one property is usually connected with the sale of another property. With the constant changing real estate market, contracts are often put on hold or breached. We assist both sellers and buyers understand their rights when they are faced with such a situation:

  • Failure to close Real Estate Purchase: Plaintiff & Defence
  • Deposit Forfeiture
  • Actions for specific performance and latent defects

Anyone with an interest in the property is entitled to the apply to the court for either it Sale and Partition. If there is no agreement as to how joint tenants and tenants in common are to deal with their shared interests in residential and or commercial properties or when a conflict arises in their relationship, or if the property was handed down by way of inheritance and one owner seeks to break the relationship and sell their share, your first point of contact to deal with such issues is our law firm, we offer assistance in issuing and defending such actions. We have a proven record of negotiating deals for our clients. Contact us today to get started:

  • Partition Applications
  • Assistance with Financing
  • Partnership Disputes or Disputes as a result of Estate Assets

Easements, Boundary disputes, Title and Zoning Issues

We also assist with issues regarding the usage of easements and the registration of such, as well as boundary disputes concerning compliance with legal descriptions and surveyors. We want to ensure that what our client owns on paper is reflective of their property. This is crucial because it can lead to many problems down the line when our clients apply for permits to construct or reconstruct on their property. Additionally, we understand that in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, construction on adjoining properties can cause a nuisance that interferes with one's enjoyment of their property and well-being. Our lawyers are here to assist you and explain your legal options. Call us today for help with:

  • Disputes resulting from construction
  • Nuisance, Encroachment & Trespassing
  • Title issues

Constructive & Resulting Trusts, Unjust Enrichment

If you are not the legal owner of a residential or commercial property, but feel that you should be given a share of the property due to the amount of money you contributed or the amount of time spent assisting in its maintenance and upkeep you may be entitled to an interest in the property by way of a constructive trust claim, or if you are not on title, but are the beneficial owner, you may be entitled to a resulting trust claim. At ME Law we conduct information gathering and the gathering of evidence to determine our clients rights when it comes to property ownership:

  • Certificate of Pending Litigation (CPL)
  • Promissiory Note claims
  • Fraudulent Conveyances Act




Our experience with May exceeded our expectations of a lawyer!It was unbelievable!!

She’s truly compassionate and passionate about her clients. We trust her with our life!!!May THANK YOU for being You! We are so grateful!You are our lawyer for life!!!!!

We are so lucky to know and work with May, ME Law Professional. She is so nice, professional and got everything done so fast and amazing even though our case was difficult.

I had the pleasure of working with May on a very difficult matter. She made me feel heard and understood. I can't thank you enough May and your team for your help and understanding.


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