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Are you facing a stressful, nerve-racking and time-consuming real estate ownership dispute that is driving you at this point insane?

Are you tired of dealing with the other co-owner(s) who has been nothing but oppressive towards you and, ultimately, holding you hostage in your own investment or this business venture?

Or, have you ever thought about selling your share in this real estate market so you can finally take profit of your investment before the market changes - but the other co-owner(s) is refusing to buy you out?

Whether you are facing a serious legal issue, your rights have been infringed, or you’ve just been hit with a legal claim against you, it’s time to call ME Law.

Take a step back, a few deep breaths, and then reach out to an experienced professional who can navigate you through your best options and will handle the matter for you so you can have a peace of mind while focusing on your daily life.

Here, at ME Law, we act as an independent, unbiased third-party who can see your situation through a legal framework, explain to you any of the legal risks you may be facing, and then guide you on the best path towards the resolution – or even handle your legal matter for you from start to finish.

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Civil LitigationInside-out knowledge and application of Rules of Civil Procedure
Civil LitigationUnderstanding of how to initiate lawsuits and how to end them, along with strategic consideration on how the case might develop, and tactics on how to deal with the process (especially, should any surprises come up)
Civil LitigationHow to deal with difficult Opposing Counsels, Judges, and other involved parties (e.g. Experts, Witnesses, Mediators & etc)
Civil LitigationHow to prepare court documents correctly, so not to waste anyone’s time (e.g. Factums, Motions, Briefs & etc)
Civil Litigationand most importantly: How to always strive to deliver value, results, while maintaining the trust with the client
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I'm a busy real estate broker and I've known May since 2019 when I was just starting my business. Over the years, obviously, different questions pop up here and there and May is my go to Lawyer for any real estate (potential) litigation questions. She's very quick to respond and her advice is always on point without any gimmicks.


Real Estate Broker

Commercial and Residential Property Closings
Disputes arising as a result of termination of Purchase and Sales Agreements.

We know that when it comes to selling and purchasing real estate that time is of the essence. The purchase of one property is usually connected with the sale of another property. With the constant changing real estate market, contracts are often put on hold or breached. We assist both sellers and buyers understand their rights when they are faced with such a situation:

  • Commercial and Residential Property ClosingsFailure to close Real Estate Purchase: Plaintiff & Defence
  • Commercial and Residential Property ClosingsDeposit Forfeiture
  • Commercial and Residential Property ClosingsActions for specific performance and latent defects
Mortgage Refinancing

Anyone with an interest in the property is entitled to the apply to the court for either its Sale and Partition. If there is no agreement as to how joint tenants and tenants in common are to deal with their shared interests in residential and or commercial properties or when a conflict arises in their relationship, or if the property was handed down by way of inheritance and one owner seeks to break the relationship and sell their share, your first point of contact to deal with such issues is our law firm, we offer assistance in issuing and defending such actions. We have a proven record of negotiating deals for our clients. Contact us today to get started:

  • Mortgage RefinancingPartition Applications
  • Mortgage RefinancingAssistance with Financing
  • Mortgage RefinancingPartnership Disputes or Disputes as a result of Estate Assets
Review of Condominium Status Certificates
Easements, Boundary disputes, Title and Zoning Issues

We also assist with issues regarding the usage of easements and the registration of such and boundary disputes in terms of complying with legal description's and surveyors. We want to ensure that what our client owns on paper is reflective on their property. This is important because it can bring with it many problems down the line when our clients want to apply for permits to construct or reconstruct on their property. We also know that in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area that construction on adjourning properties can cause a nuisance that can interfere with ones enjoyment of their property and well being. Our lawyers are here to assist you and explain to you your legal options. Call us today:

  • Review of Condominium Status CertificatesDisputes as a result of construction
  • Review of Condominium Status CertificatesNuisance, Encroachment & Tresspasing
  • Review of Condominium Status CertificatesTitle issues
Real Estate Frauds and Disputes
Constructive & Resulting Trusts, Unjust Enrichment

If you are not the legal owner of a residential or commercial property, but feel that you should be given a share of the property due to the amount of money you contributed or the amount of time spent assisting in its maintenance and upkeep you may be entitled to an interest in the property by way of a constructive trust claim, or if you are not on title, but are the beneficial owner, you may be entitled to a resulting trust claim. At ME Law we conduct information gathering and the gathering of evidence to determine our clients rights when it comes to property ownership:

  • Real Estate Frauds and DisputesCertificate of Pending Litigation (CPL)
  • Real Estate Frauds and DisputesPromissiory Note claims
  • Real Estate Frauds and DisputesFraudulent Conveyances Act

Are You Involved in A Real Estate Dispute?

At ME Law, our impressive winning record comes with exceptional “people skills.” After years of working closely with individuals, companies, agents, buyers, and vendors, we will work tirelessly to solve your disputes while minimizing costs, delays, and negative outcomes. Consult our FAQ section or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Fees?

Our Fees depend on your specific situation. We provide an initial FREE 30 minutes consultation to evaluate your case. We will then determine the complexity and the amount of work that needs to be done, any other factors that might influence your particular situation. We discuss with you payment options such an hourly rate fee or block fee following that.

What is the process and next steps?

After our initial consultation over the phone, we schedule an appointment at our office where we discuss in detail your legal issue. We try to contact you promptly and immediately, if necessary, in order to keep you engaged throughout the whole process.

When and Where can you see me?

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto, right across from Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The closest subway stations are either St.George or Bay/Yonge/Bloor or Museum stations. There is a municipal parking lot in the back of the building. After our initial consultation over the phone, we will make an appointment and discuss all your matters confidentially at our office.

When can you start the work?

While we are happy to assist with your matter, we cannot begin working until we have been fully retained on your matter. This includes both your signing of our retainer letter, confirming that you are hiring us as your lawyer and outlining the terms of our relationship, and payment of our retainer fees which we will need to begin work. We will not be your lawyers and will not be able to assist you until both of those steps have been completed.

What should I expect?

Call Us Now for A FREE 30 minutes consultation and we can immediately start handling your case. Your situation is not unique, most likely there were similar cases before, and this is where we can, as professionals with prior experience, step in to advise you on the best course of action to take and/or solution to your problem. Remember you have rights too and not just obligations, so no need to panic. Contact a professional to deal with your case in those stressful times.

Do you do limited scope retainers?

Yes, we would be glad to assist with a limited scope retainer.

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