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Civil Litigation field is extremely complex. While some individuals feel that they can handle civil litigation themselves, working without a lawyer can be incredibly complicated. The legal system is not designed to be easily understood, and small mistakes can have huge implications. It takes years and years even for very smart lawyers to forge their craft to become not only knowledgeable and experienced in the field, but also effective, especially, when having limited resources (time and money) in a lot of cases.Therefore, the difference between Winning Litigator and just Litigator is that Winning Litigators understand how to build the case from the very beginning (and how to develop it the very end), how to advance it tactically throughout the process (despite possible challenges and these happen in every single case), and then how argue it successfully in front of the Judge (or, on the contrary, how to make sure that it never, indeed, gets in front of the Judge, so the clients do not end up losing and paying extremely high legal costs to the other side because of losing).The bottom line is that Strong and Winning Litigators have that “knowledge of the Courts”, that hard-earned experience (both through successes and failures, mistakes, and hard-fought battles, through something that cannot be bought, studied or borrowed elsewhere but only gained through personal exposure to litigation over and over again and again), therefore, most likely, resulting, in a reputation in front of the Judges (and Judges, just like the fortune, tend to favour the bold).

Experienced Toronto Real Estate Lawyers


Real Estate LawLitigation And Independent Legal Advice
Real Estate LawPlaintiff & Defence Counsel
Real Estate LawInjunctions, Applications & Appeals
Real Estate LawTrials, Discoveries And Mandatory Mediations
Real Estate LawStay Proceedings, Motions, & Summary Judgements
Real Estate LawArbitration, Mediation & Enforcements


Contract Law and Breaches of contract

Any breach of a contractual obligation could result in a claim for damages. Whether it is a case of non-performance or interference with another party's performance, our Toronto civil litigation team of lawyers can offer clear legal advice and can handle civil litigation pertaining to all types of contractual disputes and contract claims, such as:

  • Commercial Contracts & Unjust Enrichment
  • Unfair Dealings, Bad Faith, and Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Trust, Conspiracy, & Misrepresentation
  • Non-performance, Injunctions or Enforcement
Corporate & Commercial Litigation

When business relationships go south or become complicated, we work closely to handle all issues related to such, while mitigating public exposure and reducing the damages, in order to ensure that the business keeps operating:

  • Applications, Injunctions, Arbitration & Mediation Proceedings
  • Plaintiff and Defence Legal Counsel
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Sale, Winding Down, & Receivership
  • Corporate Restructuring, Appointing Inspector, Corporate Investigations
  • Corporate Governance, Shareholder Relationships & Dividends issues
  • Rights and Remedies of Shareholders and Stakeholders

Estate Litigation

We, at ME Law, understand that when someone we love and care about passes away, it can be extremely emotional, and there can be feelings of resentment, especially when that person who passed away was taking care of you.

We take the emotion out when you come to us to help you in determining whether you can challenge a will, to address all your concerns with respect to the passing of accounts, and to help you understand what the roles and responsibilities are of the Trustees.

We also handle all necessary paperwork to get you appointed as an estate trustee or to challenge one's appointment. Contact us today to get started:

  • Passing of Accounts & Fiduciary Duty
  • Removal of Estate Trustees
  • Will Challenges and Validity of a Will
  • Beneficiaries, Dependant's Rights & Trusts

Real Estate Litigation

Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff in a real estate purchase and/or sale dispute, or having issues related to the title, boundary and/or easements connected to your property, or require acute legal counsel to represent you in a Sale & Partition proceeding - our savvy lawyers have all the necessary and the required expertise to handle such cases.

The best way to start resolving your real estate litigation matter is to consult our lawyers immediately and learn about your legal options:

  • Purchase and Sale Disputes, incl. Deposit Forfeiture
  • Boundary, Title & Easements disputes
  • Partition Proceedings
  • Commercial Real Estate Disputes, incl. Leases

Disputes with Shareholders and Directors

Shareholder disputes can become very nasty and spiral out of control causing damage to all the parties of the dispute. Therefore, it is paramount to have a legal counsel on one's side who totally understands the dynamics of these disputes and can craft a strategy to prevent further damages to other shareholders, engage an independent party to seize the control of the business until the issues between the fighting shareholders resolved; or to configure the most efficient winding down strategy if parties are not acting reasonably and cannot cohabitate with each other any longer:

  • Director's Liability
  • Oppression Remedy and Derivative Actions
  • Injunctions (incl. Mareva, Norwich, Anton Piller Orders)
  • Appointing Inspector, Forensic Auditors, other Experts
  • Corporate governance, Accountability, and Dividends Issues

Enforcement of court orders

Once trials have been completed and costs are awarded or default judgments are obtained, the next step would be to obtain what has been awarded. This will often involve conducting examinations inside of execution to find out if the debtor has the ability to pay the judgment. At this stage, we often ask questions about the debtor's income, assets, and liabilities in order to assess if the debtor has the ability to pay. Orders can be sought and obtained that would see accounts frozen. Contact us today if you would like to speak with a lawyer:

  • Default Judgement and Motion to Set Aside Default Judgements
  • Dealings with Sheriff and Bailiffs
  • Liens, Certificate of Pending Litigation, Cautions

Constructions Liens

We understand that sometimes obtaining payment on projects already performed on construction sites can be very difficult. There are times when you are not paid as a contractor and would like to enforce your rights. We work with all kinds of contractors on all kinds of projects to registry and perfect liens. Our goal is to obtain a settlement that is satisfactory to our clients that sees them getting paid:

  • Default proceedings, Settlement meetings, Setting liens for Trials
  • Adjudication, Lien preservation, Arbitration
  • Registering and Perfecting Construction Liens
  • Early release of holdback

Legal Paperwork, Reviews, and Injunctions

As part of our bespoke legal services, the ME Law specialist advisers and civil litigation lawyers are always here to answer your questions related to a variety of legal proceedings, maximizing your chances of a successful result. Someone from our legal team will assess your needs, options, and goals, then closely work with you and help through every step of the way. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need legal guidance related to:

  • Independent Legal Advice and Document Reviews
  • Demand Letters, Assistance with the Affidavit preparations, Letters to the Parties of the Dispute, & Injunctions
  • Cost assessments, Negligence Claims & Regulatory Investigations

Mergers & Acquisitions

We handle complex mergers and acquisitions on behalf of our clients:

  • Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • Sales & Purchases of Businesses and Assets
  • Due Diligence and Preparation of Closing Documents




Our experience with May exceeded our expectations of a lawyer!It was unbelievable!!

She’s truly compassionate and passionate about her clients. We trust her with our life!!!May THANK YOU for being You! We are so grateful!You are our lawyer for life!!!!!

We are so lucky to know and work with May, ME Law Professional. She is so nice, professional and got everything done so fast and amazing even though our case was difficult.

I had the pleasure of working with May on a very difficult matter. She made me feel heard and understood. I can't thank you enough May and your team for your help and understanding.


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Are you currently entangled in a stressful, time-consuming civil litigation dispute that seems overwhelming? Uncertain about your legal standing and potential liabilities? Perhaps your rights have been violated, and you're seeking justice or a reasonable resolution. Whether facing a significant legal conflict, rights infringement, or dealing with a legal claim, it's time to seek professional assistance. Take a moment, breathe, and connect with experienced litigation counsel at ME Law. As an independent third party, we provide unbiased insights into your situation, explain potential legal risks, and guide you toward the most effective resolution, allowing you peace of mind to focus on your daily life.

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