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Civil LitigationInside-out knowledge and application of Rules of Civil Procedure
Civil LitigationUnderstanding of how to initiate lawsuits and how to end them, along with strategic consideration on how the case might develop, and tactics on how to deal with the process (especially, should any surprises come up)
Civil LitigationHow to deal with difficult Opposing Counsels, Judges, and other involved parties (e.g. Experts, Witnesses, Mediators & etc)
Civil LitigationHow to prepare court documents correctly, so not to waste anyone’s time (e.g. Factums, Motions, Briefs & etc)
Civil Litigationand most importantly: How to always strive to deliver value, results, while maintaining the trust with the client
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I was having a hard time with another shareholder and director of a business we jointly owned. We did not have proper contracts or agreements in place to deal with the corporation and to deal with what should happen with the corporation should a conflict arise. I came to May with tears in my eyes and feeling so hurt and oppressed by the other shareholder and director. May wrote a letter trying to help me settle things, but she ended up doing an Oppression claim and I eventually got to buy out the other shares of the business. It was long and difficult, but May and her team got it done.


Business Owner

Will Writing
Shareholder Rights and Remedies:

The rights of shareholders are broken down into four basic categories: 1) The right to vote on matters that are to be decided by the shareholders; 2) The right to receive profits; 3) The right to take part in the distribution of the corporation assets when the corporation is wound up and after the creditors are paid; and 4) The right to transfer shares held to another person. There are other rights available to the shareholders and these include pre-emptive rights, access to records and information, and rights to all meetings. These rights are usually provided for in the articles and bylaws of the corporation. They are also provided through written shareholder agreements, including unanimous shareholder agreements. Although, a contractual relationship is formed between the corporation and the shareholders, both the corporation and shareholders are also provided with a range of remedial provisions through the Canada Business Corporations Act (OBCA) and the Ontario Business Corporations Act (OBCA). If you would like us to review all shareholder agreements, including unanimous shareholder agreements, articles and by-laws or you would like us to help you understand your rights or help you determine what relief you can seek for conduct being done to the shareholders or the corporation give us a call today and we would be glad to assist you:

  • Will WritingOppression & Derivative Actions
  • Will WritingInvestigations
  • Will WritingEquitable Winding Up
  • Will WritingOrders of Compliance
  • Will WritingOntario Business Corporations Act & Canada Business Corporations Act
  • Will WritingOntario Securities Act
Power Of Attorney
Breaches of Contract:

Usually a breach of contract is often accompanied with concurrent pleadings. This means that when you are claiming against another party for breaching a signed enforceable contract you can also claim unjust enrichment or you can claim against other parties who are not part of the contract that was breached. To bring a claim for breach of contract you must show that a contract was in existence and that that contract was breached. There are four different levels of damages that can be sought for a breach of of contract and they include: 1) Compensatory Damages; Reliance Damages; Restitutionary Damages and Punitive Damages. We help our clients receive settlements on significant contract breaches. Call us today and we would gladly assist you:

  • Power Of AttorneyStatutorily Impaired Terms
  • Power Of AttorneyUnjust Enrichment
  • Power Of AttorneyNon est Factum (italic)
Power Of Attorney
Director's and Officer's Liability:

A director and officer will not general face any personal liability, unless there is fraudulent and illegal conduct occurring within the corporation. Directors and officers are also often shielded from liability because they have put in place liability risk management which helps directors and officers identify and evaluate the risks; control or minimize the risks and transfer the risks. These risks are often risks that can bring personal liability to any director or officer. However, directors and officers will not be held to be in breach of the duty of care if they acted prudently and on a reasonably informed basis. The decisions they make must be reasonable business decisions in light of all of the circumstances abou what the directors or officers knew or out to have known. If you are a shareholder, director or officer within a corporation and are seeking advice on bring about claims against directors or officers, or you are an officer or director seeking to discuss how to minimize your risk of being personal liable or would like to discuss the business judgement rule, diligence and good faith give us a call and we would be happy to assist you:

  • Power Of AttorneyBreaches of Fiduciary Duty
  • Power Of AttorneyFailure to Act Honestly
  • Power Of AttorneyBreaches of Duty to Exercise Reasonable Care
  • Power Of AttorneyNegligence
  • Power Of AttorneyBreaches of Competition Law
  • Power Of AttorneyBreaches of Securities Regulation
  • Power Of AttorneyMisleading or Deceptive Conduct
Power Of Attorney
Partnership, Joint Ventures and Co-Ownership Disputes:

The different ways in which owners hold property; business undertaking with two or more individuals, corporations and or partnerships who are engaged in a common single project; and two or more individuals and or corporations who may carry on a business with a view to profit as partners. Sometimes proper agreements are not put into place which deals with how to dispose of shared property, how to split the profits, and what roles each individual plays when it comes to completing shared projects or partnerships:

  • Power Of AttorneyCo-Ownership Agreements
  • Power Of AttorneyJoint Venture Agreements
  • Power Of AttorneyPartnership Agreements
  • Power Of AttorneyArbitration
  • Power Of AttorneyDissolving
  • Power Of AttorneyTermination
  • Power Of AttorneyConflicts of Interests
  • Power Of AttorneyPartition and Sale
Power Of Attorney
Debt Recovery:

We help you recover debt that is owed to you and help you decide on whether to sue for the debt outstanding by considering several factors: 1) the size of the debt; 2) whether the debtor has assets; and 3) locating the assets. We also work on obtaining pre-judgement remedies to prohibit the defendant in a pending action from disposing of assets within the jurisdiction or removing them from the jurisdiction. If you owe a debt and want a strong legal team on your side to negotiate for you, contact us and we will assist you:

  • Power Of AttorneyClaim for Debt
  • Power Of AttorneyClaim for Interest
  • Power Of AttorneyMareva Injunctions
  • Power Of AttorneyAnton Piller Orders
  • Power Of AttorneyGarnishment Orders
  • Power Of AttorneyWrit of Seizure and Sale
  • Power Of AttorneyWrit of Sequestration
  • Power Of AttorneyWrit of Possession
Power Of Attorney
Commercial Real Estate Litigation:

Whether you are a buyer, seller or are part of a residential or commercial development project and want to enforce your lien rights or a dispute has arisen over an executed contract give us a call today and one of our lawyers would be able to assist you:

  • Power Of AttorneyConstruction Disputes
  • Power Of AttorneyContractual Disputes
  • Power Of AttorneyAcquisitions, Investments & Commercial Leasing
  • Power Of AttorneyCo-Ownerships & Joint Ventures
  • Power Of AttorneyResidential and Commercial Development
Power Of Attorney
Business Torts:

If your business has suffered harm due to the actions of another business or another person that has caused or is likely to cause financial loss. Then you can bring action against the business or person who has caused or is likely to cause you financial loss. We are ready and prepared to assist you on all your legal issues if your business has sustained or is likely to sustain harm.:

  • Power Of AttorneyInducing Breach of Contracts
  • Power Of AttorneyCivil Fraud & Civil Conspiracy
  • Power Of AttorneyInjurious Falsehood
  • Power Of AttorneyBreach of Confidence, Breach and Abuse of Process
  • Power Of AttorneyUnlawful Means Tort
  • Power Of AttorneyConversion
  • Power Of AttorneyPassing of (also known Infingement of Trademark)
  • Power Of AttorneyDefamation & Slander Title

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Whether one believes that they have the strongest or the weakest ever case, do not ever overestimate or underestimate, the skills of the professional litigator. Ultimately, there is always a risk that the strong litigator might either find one simple loophole to completely bury the case altogether or, in the alternative, use the civil process to make achieving the resolution a total nightmare for the Plaintiff.

Skilled litigator will also try to help client make the process of the case as professional as possible. No matter will ever go completely frictionless. However, it is the co-ordination and mutual trust, along with effective communication between legal counsel and client that determines the ultimate success of that partnership.

The reality of civil litigation is over 95% of cases settle before reaching a trial. What determines success for the client though is the meticulous preparation upfront, attaining a strong negotiation position and clockwork time management in order to get to that position, effectively, to be able to settle from the position of strentgh. Accordingly, it is not just important to work closely with legal counsel along the way but to also follow the recommendations of the litigator, as some litigator's suggestions might be absolutely critical 3 steps ahead when reaching the certain milestones, if executed properly and in a prudent time management manner.

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