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About Us

ME Law Professional Corporation, a strictly litigation practice focused on issues related to asset division and asset preservation, is always looking for the right talent to join our growing team.

We truly believe that our combined success is always dependent on each other's contribution, dedication and team work, combined with the passion to succeed. We believe that the right talent can strive by developing their litigation skills working on difficult files that require great attention to detail. In addition, it is not uncommon that most of the tasks need to be completed under serious time constraints. Therefore, we're always aiming to accomplish that win-win approach for the firm, our clients, and for each individuals employee's professional success.

ME Law was established in 2018 and is quickly growing. We are conveniently located right across from the Royal Ontario Museum in Downtown, Toronto. As well, while fully realizing that we are in somehow a rather archaic and legacy industry at large, we still like to view at ourselves as a start-up company, think of Tesla©, and, that is the reason why most of our clients also choose us for the same dynamic and fresh approach.

Ultimately, if you always care about everything and put effort in everything that you do, if you are just ambitious and really willing work into advancing client’s interests as much as necessary, if you're really always willing to go that extra step to make sure that there's value for everyone in your performance, then we would probably make a perfect fit.

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ME Law Professional Corporation
ME Law Professional Corporation

A place where people grow

We have lots of fun, plenty of flexibility, and creative freedom. With that said, we heavily rely on self-discipline, smart work, and hard work. Day-to-day, we challenge each other to raise the bar.

We don’t offer jobs; ME Law is a place where people learn, improve and build careers.

We have an eye for
diamonds in the rough

We see talent and potential with a naked eye. Good resumes, experience, college degrees, MBAs etc are great, but they are not a requirement.

If you are hungry for results, share the same values and mottos , you will be a great fit in the ME Law family! Whatever you are missing, we will provide or teach.

ME Law Professional Corporation

Perks + Benefits

Competitive Base Salary
Performance Bonuses
Remote Working Environment
(in limited circumstances)
Open Vacation Policy (Flexible PTO)
LSO and LawPro benefits
In-house training + Training budget
Paid team vacations + Team Events
Health & Wellness Benefits
Parental Perks
ME Law Professional Corporation

Our Core Values


From strategy through visuals, to technology, we always do our best to create beautiful and effective.


We strive to create long-term relationships with employees, vendors, clients, and everyone around us.


We set and follow high standards of moral and ethical responsibilities with everyone around us.


We value transparent relationships. We always put honesty first and avoid tricks and hidden agendas.


We always strive create more with less and find ways to generate more value regardless of the resources.


ME Law Professional Corporation is built on positivity, random acts of kindness and open communication.

Mottos we live by

Build honest and open relationships

Grow yourself and help others

Pursue growth and learning

The positive change starts
with you

Practice random acts of kindness

Stay physically and emotionally fit

Be humble and open minded

Workplace & Our Culture

Our Expectations

“Everything we do, we do well.”

We are looking for someone who works hard and works well with others. The successful candidate will be required to handle a busy caseload. But don’t fret, you will also be working with lawyers with years of experience who are happy to support you. Likewise, the ideal candidate will add to our positive work environment their personal style or touch.

We are also looking for someone who does not just want to be a litigator but a winning litigator. Someone who enjoys intelectual stimulation, is not afraid to challenge the status quo, but, at the same time, has the stamina and inner confidence to go to a very serious battles against other (in a lot of cases) just as crafty and experienced litigators. Ultimately, whether someone wants to become a super expert or prefers to manage others in the head of departmental capacity, we understand each individual’s character, personal preferences and traits and we are always trying to create an environment where everyone can prosper at the end.

What We Offer

“Our expectations match our compensation levels”

Our lawyers bring a lot to the table and as such they are well compensated. We offer a competitive compensation package that includes benefits and flexible work schedule (in some cases). We know that everyone is different and may be looking for different things. As such, we are willing to work with you to find an arrangement that will be successful for all involved. Maybe it is too far for you to commute and you also rather spend that time working at home office desk (even more productively sometimes without that extra daily noise at the office). Maybe you have kids that you have to pick up from daycare at a certain time every day. Maybe you are just a night owl but prefer to work late hours, although, have a good alarm clock to wake up for any Case conference happening at 8:00am, no problem. Or, maybe, just maybe you just love arguing in Court non-stop / or better at drafting materials, as well as just love focusing on better research work / or perhaps prefer supervisory duties as well as know that you are the most effective at it (rather than just be running trials all the time, or maybe the opposite, who knows). So let us know what really turns you on?

How to Apply

“Wanna get to know each other?”

Perfect. Please send a letter of interest and your CV to, and hopefully, we’ll be planning on the next Court hearing sooner than later! (but make sure you tell us about you everyting and we mean everything, i.e. you can most definitely provide us with any previous drafting materials to see how you write, perhaps, any published decisions on CanLii, and just be blunt and keep a positive attitude (we definitely love that!)), and be yourself (nothing beats authenticity in the long run).

Available Positions

To view available positions visit: